Our Director of Food Safety frequently visits our facilities and farms to inspect and ensure the excellence of our product prior to shipping.  There is also a USDA Inspector either on-site or on-call to provide any inspection and phyto-sanitary certificates.

All of our facilities pass stringent yearly food safety audits conducted by Primus Labs (please see appendix for audit results by location).  All aspects of food safety are assessed including sanitation, maintenance, employees’ personal hygiene practices, employee training, general sanitary practices and pest control programs.  Several of our facilities and/or farms are either GLOBALGAP or Primus GFS certified.

  • Basin Gold’s packing facilities all have a mandatory shed walk-through weekly to ensure that food safety and shed security policies are enforced.  This includes making sure all lighting, fencing, locks and packaging inventory are in good working condition.  Our quality assurance manager also does a daily walk-through checking product condition and verifying that packed product is being stored and rotated properly.
  • All truck drivers must check-in at the main shipping office and provide their name, truck name and trailer license and, if requested, identification before being allowed to back-in to a shipping dock.  Drivers only have access to the loading dock and areas outside the packing shed.  Before loading the lift-truck operator will always inspect the trailer or container to make sure it is clean and secure.
  • The trucking companies Basin Gold employs all supply their drivers with either two-way radios or mobile phones in order to be able to contact them at all times.  They are also provided with Basin Gold’s emergency contact numbers.


Safety and security are extremely important to Basin Gold.  Each facility has emergency plans in place including the proper people to contact in case of any suspected tampering of product or to shed location.